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SJD Teaching Center
SJD Teaching Center

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What is St. John the Divine Online Community?

Our learning community of both maturing Christians and God seekers is composed:

A Renewing Power that recognizes that transformation comes to God’s people through hearing the Word of God and being illuminated and inspired by the Holy Spirit in Christian community.

A Developing Online Community of people who:

  1. Share a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are themselves students of God and his Word. 
  2. Manifest the character of exemplary Christian maturity in word and deed. 
  3. Sharpen the skills of effective communication through creative, relevant, exceptional and faithful expression.

A Comprehensive set of Online Courses and Ministry Training that encompass the fullness of the Christian faith and life and that foster maturity in Christian knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and practice. You will find a growing menu of offerings (Bible study, Christian worldview and living, church history, topical studies, community-oriented curriculum, servant-leadership, etc.). The curriculum embeds Christian skills, disciplines and practices for maximum integration of learning.